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Growing your Cymbidium

Cymbidium orchids come from Asia (India to Japan) and Australia. Some need cool conditions, others need it to be slightly warmer. Most of the hybrids have been bred from the cooler growing species. Cymbidium are good plants for beginners as they are reliable growers and, if given a cool autumn, they will produce long spikes of flowers during the winter or spring.

Temperature: They prefer cool conditions, especially in the autumn and winter. Whilst they are growing a night-time temperature of 50°F (10°C) is ideal. Once the new growth is complete keep them, if possible, a little cooler.

Humidity: They like a fairly humid atmosphere.

Light: Cymbidium can be grown as houseplants on a bright windowsill provided it does not have direct sunlight. In the summer when not in flower they can be put outside in light shade until late autumn.

Watering and feeding: They need plenty of water and feeding regularly whilst growing. Rain water is best. Reduce the watering in the autumn.

Potting: Re-pot plants before the compost decomposes, after two years. Take the plant out of its pot and clip off all the dead roots then position it in the new pot so that the newest pseudobulb is near the middle of the pot and fill around the roots with the compost. Use a fairly large pot and a mixture of bark and coarse peat as the compost.


Variety among Cymbidium


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